IvanLee Blueprint The Way  "Titus"
Leanne Dougherty, 9/98
CH Kylin Hard Copy AX,AXJ,EAC,EJC,EGC,P1,CGC  x  Calebs Korcek Winter Lace
August 25, 1994 - March 12, 2002
Titus.... we miss him dearly.  Titus was a very special boy.  He was handsome, intelligent, and had a super playdrive.  Among his many talents, he played intense frisbee, fetch, catch, chased the flashlight beam, loved to play in water, and would leap through the air to catch the puffs of steam you could blow in the cold air and light up with the flashlight!  Yet Titus was a comforter- he would give us big, pushy hugs and snuggle up to us on the bed. He was the one who would come and offer a sympathetic paw and love, if you were sick or sad.  Tragically, he had a spinal cord injury in September of 1999.  Though he made great strides to attempt to recover, the nerve damage was ongoing. It was slowly but surely taking it's toll on his little body.  We were blessed to have 2 1/2 more years with him... Titus will live on through his daughter, Genesis.  He is also remembered in his litter brothers, as well as the get that he sired, who share his wonderful, unique spirit.  He will romp and play forever in our hearts.  We will see you in Heaven, precious Titus.
~Precious Memories~
Thank you to all who have expressed condolences on the loss of this sweet dog...
Titus could always count on our niece, Cara, to toss his football...
Elliot was a favorite of ours, and is behind almost everything we have.  Elliot was shown sparingly, as his mom would only allow a few people to handle him. One of those people was the late Guy Okyama. Elliot was minored out and looking forward to his majors when Guy passed away.  At that time Elliot's mom focused him on his agility career. Years went by, then Shirlee herself handled Elliot at a major show, and Elliot won his first major.  Some time later, Shirlee asked Diane Okyama to handle Elliot at the shows at L.A. County Fairgrounds over the Memorial Day weekend, and Elliot won his final major!  We understand there were many happy tears to have Diane finish Elliot- it was only fitting, after all!  We feel blessed to have the bloodlines of this special little dog so prominent in our Shelties.  Elliot was owned and bred by our friend Shirlee. 
Elliot, you were one special dog.
CH Verlyn's Magic Marker x Simmore Summertime Blues
CH Kylin Hard Copy, AX, AXJ, EAC, EJC, EGC, P1, P2 CGC
...and two USDAA Snookers legs...
September 1991 - September 2004
Calebs Korcek Winter Lace
February 13, 1992 - March 22, 2006
You looked at me, your eyes so dear
but the look, today, was not the same.
I held you close, I stroked your hair
I whispered your sweet name.
You've gone from me, my tears for you
fall silently in heartfelt pain.
Peaceful beauty abounds where you are
my Lacey- until we meet, again.

IvanLee Inspiration, OA, NAJ, CGC

CH Kylin Hard Copy AX,AXJ,EAC,EJC,EGC,P1,CGC  x  A/C CH CharBar's Wings Of A Dove, NA, NAJ
January 06, 2000 - August 06, 2006
Only 6 years and 7 months... it is far too short.  An unknown disease, even to the most expert of all Doctors, no one knew... what happened?  You fought it, and you lived nearly 6 more months, so strong in spirit, such a BIG heart and love in you.  Rest in peace, sweet Drew.

Drew was owned and loved by Deb in CA. She was her constant companion, and an awesome agility dog.
Drew, you are missed, and loved, by so many people...
Tien Tran
Drew and her mom, Deb, were working diligently forward in Drew's titles.  Drew had two legs for her Open Jumpers title, both with First placements & one leg towards her Agility Excellent title, also with a First place.  Drew consistently won First place, with just one exception of a second place, where her mom asked her to correct a weave entry.
Sept 2, 2000 ~ March 14, 2008
CH Apple Acres Odyssey Armani, ROM x Can CH Realities Something Special
We purchased Malachi as a show hopeful from Canada.  As he grew up, he was not quite "enough" for the show ring, so he was placed in a loving home that already had one Sheltie from us- they became fast friends.  Malachi recently had surgery for a benign growth, and after going home, succumbed  to side effects from the surgery.  He is sorely missed- below is a poem his best buddy, Don, asked us to post.

Sept 2, 2000 ~ March 14, 2008

My sweet little boy so dear to my heart
waits at the bridge for me
I'll never forget him, and his trusting face
in every rainbow, I'll see

I love you Mal........................