Agility, Performance and IvanLee  
MACH IvanLee Dot Com, PT, EJC, NGC, OAC, OTC, NF  
As well as a pretty face and sound structure, we insist on a sharp mind!  Below are just some of the accomplishments of IvanLee dogs in performance.
Shelties can be great fun in obedience, agiltiy, herding, and much more!
Our Shelties have a natural bid-ability and desire to please, as well as a slight
independent thought process that enables them to problem solve.
IvanLee Silent Night, AX, AXJ, AXP, AJP, NJC, NTC, HIC
MACH IvanLee Count It All Joy, CD, RA, NF, RE  "JimmyJack"
IvanLee Higher Power , OA, OAJ, AXP, MJP  "Tyrone" 
IvanLee Some Kinda Aditude, NA,  AXJ, HCT, CGC  "Adi"
MACH 7 IvanLee Glacial Reflection, MXG2 MJC2 MXP MJP OF T2B   "Ice"
IvanLee Midnight Sun, MX AXJ XF, NAC, CGC, 2 RN legs,  "Zoe" 

MACH, PDCH, CATCH IvanLee Highway To Heaven, RA MXB MJB MXF MFB T2B2, PS-1, PG-1,CL1-S, W-FD, W-PFD, ET, ETG, EW, OST  "Kicker"
IvanLee Evening Star, MX MXB MXJ MJB NF  "Eve"
IvanLee Arctic Belle, TN-N, MX, MXJ, NF, NA, NAJ,   "Belle"
MACH IvanLee Angel Of Music, MX, MXJB "Dee"
IvanLee Too Good To Be True, OA, OAJ, NF, THD  "Truitt"
IvanLee Masked Avenger, UDX, TDI, RE, MX, MXJ, CAT, CGC "Zorro"
Ravenwyn Winter Illusion, UD, CDX,BN,GN,RAE,CGC  "  Winter"
IBearCreek IvanLee MoxieMae Win, AX, MXJ, CGC,  "Moxie"
MACH IvanLee Undaunted, RA MX MXB MXJ MJB OF T2B2 CGCA   "Dante"  
1st place 16' dog at the first Westminster agility trial!
IvanLee Yashepheh, AXP, MJP, XFP  "Jasper"
Ivanlee Fisher Of Men, RN, OA, AXJ, AXP, AJP   "Simon"
Ivanlee Chalcedony AX MXJ MJB NAP NJP  "Flint"
CH IvanLee Midnight Reflection, MX, AXJ, XF "Zip" 
Ivanlee Maximilian, CD RAE CGC MX MXJ   "Max"
Ivanlee My Penny From Heaven, OA, NAJ  "Penny"
IvanLee Let The Good Times Roll, MX MXJ MJS MJP  "Dice"
IvanLee D'Artagnan Le Masque, CAT, BN RA OA OAJ CA  "Dart"
CH Ivanlee Light In The Storm, OA, OAJ, OF CGC,   "Storm"
Ivanlee Samoan Steel, MX MXB MXJ MJB OF  "Troy" 
IvanLee Effervescence, CD, CDX, CGC  "Spritz"
IvanLee Made To Order, UD, CD, PCD, BN, RN  "Ticket"
MACHIvanLee Staying On Path, MX, MXJ, OF  "Max" 
IvanLee Barefoot Runner, MX MXJ MJB  "Sprint"
IvanLee Heartstrings, AX, MXJ  "Zing"
IvanLee I C StarZ  "Zemi, MX, MXJ "
IvanLee Blue Thunder, OA, OAJ, CAT, NF  "Gusty" 
IvanLee You Go Girl!, NA, OAJ  ""Zyng
MACH 2, ADCH CATCH Ivanlee When You Wish Upon A Star, RN MX MXJ MXF T2B  "Star
Ivanlee Ace Of Spades, , AX, AXJ, AXP, OJP  "Ace
NATCH IvanLee After The Rain, OA, AXJ, XF  "Mistalyn"
Ivanlee Dionysius, MX, AXJ, CGC, Ptd  "Dion"
ADCH  IvanLee The Sky's The Limit, MX, MXJ  "Skylar"
MACH IvanLee Pacific Fleet,    "Dory"
MACH IvanLee Storm A Brew'N  "Flurry"
IvanLee I'M A Real Wild One, AX, AXJ  "Wily" 
Ivanlee Summer Bouquet OAJ, NJP  "Daisy"
IvanLee Arctic Nights, NAJ   "Darcy"
Ivanlee All  Hands On Deck, MX, MXJ, XF   "Ketch"
IvanLee Stature Of Power MX MXB MXJ MJS XF T2B  "Randy"
MACH Ivanlee Lamp Unto My Feet At Deepfork, MX MXJ MJB XF T2B, Aenon"
Ivanlee Latest Kraze
IvanLee Master Of Illusion MX, MXJ "Jinx"
PACH IvanLee Visions Of  Sugarplums, Ptd, AX MXJ OF T2BP "Dream"
IvanLee Catch Me If You Can MX MXJ "Tag" owned by Linda Otis
IvanLee Recci PB Cup OA OAJ "Recci" owned by Sandy DuPree
IvanLee Dreamcatcher OA OAJ  "Renata"
IvanLee Cheerful Spirit AX  OAJ "Zip"
IvanLee Branded For Success ,  "Posse"
IvanLee .... ,  "Zayne"
Ivanlee Heartthrob"Jax"
Ivanlee Heart & Soul, NAJ,  Pts"PonyBoy"
MACH IvanLee Heavenly Starlight "Lite"
IvanLee Jump For Joy, OAJ    "Dahlia"
IvanLee Thundering Firebolt   "Thor"
CATCH ChJU ChSN BearCreek IvanLee Hosanah,   "Anna"