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IvanLee Celebration, Am Pts


IvanLee Tradition, 9 Am Pts


Storm is now 11 years old and retired from siring.

IvanLee Come And Get Your Love, 4 Am Pts
Nova is a gorgeous Sable Merle who hit the show ring winning. But she did not care for motherhood, so she was retired to a wonderful agility home where she could have fun

IvanLee Dionysius, AM Pt, MX AXJ, CGC 

At the age of 9, Dion is retired and Michael's best buddy here at home.


IvanLee Giddy-Up "Giddy"

MDR-1 N/N, CEA clear, PRA clear, DM clear vWD clear.

Littermate to Nanni, Giddy is a tomboy. She fetches, bounces and plays hard. Retired w/Stephanie H


IvanLee Katherine Johnson "Kate" 
MDR-1 N/N, CEA clear, PRA clear, DM clear vWD clear. Kate is all about the FUN! Also retired w/Stephanie H.


IvanLee Akashi  "Akashi"
Ivanlee Makers Mark BN RI PT FDC OA OAJ CGC TKA x Sea Haven IvanLee Gavriella
Clear on MDR1, vWD by parentage, both parents are OFA Good.Other tests  are now pending. Akashi is a joy,she has a sweet playful temperament and LOVES children!

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